Black Funeral Vestments: The Remedy To Our Lutheran Tendencies

Author’s note: Although I intend to briefly explain Lutheran doctrines, I am well aware that there are varying levels of commitment to Luther’s original exposition on the matter of Justification. I thought it best to pull from the Solid Declarations of the Formula of Concord because they were the best articulation of the Augsburg Confessions.

About a month ago,  The Socratic Catholic published a short meditation on the Beauty of the Requiem Mass with its use of black chasuble and Dies Irae sequence. I confess that in my standard Catholic upbringing, Continue reading “Black Funeral Vestments: The Remedy To Our Lutheran Tendencies”

The Billy Mays pitch I didn’t know I’ve always wanted to give

billy mays


Wow! The inaugural post has finally become a reality! WordPress has kindly informed me, through a flurry of automated and overbearing emails that the inaugural post should be an explanation about how I came to found this blog, my own personal aspirations, the color of my house key, social-security number and….. yadda, yadda, yadda. Reflecting on the life and times of one of my advertising heroes Billy Mays (peace be upon his name), I figured that I would just give a high-octane pitch that fizzles out very quickly, but still leaves you intrigued enough to wonder if the thing I’m selling is actually worth investing in . AHEM!….

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