Real Fake Doors VS Icons: Barometers of the Soul

The laxity of our own spiritual lives (the declaration of which should never be confused with virtue) produces in us a desire to burn for God’s peace. Catholics of sincere faith are probably very quick to recognize that the path to union with God resides in letting our mortal flesh keep silent before the majesty of the Sacred Mysteries.  These same Catholics may also recognize that God, in his infinite mercy, has become incarnate, bending his knee to clothe himself in the very beauty of creation our feeble sense need to make heads or tails of literally anything. It follows then, Continue reading “Real Fake Doors VS Icons: Barometers of the Soul”

The Billy Mays pitch I didn’t know I’ve always wanted to give

billy mays


Wow! The inaugural post has finally become a reality! WordPress has kindly informed me, through a flurry of automated and overbearing emails that the inaugural post should be an explanation about how I came to found this blog, my own personal aspirations, the color of my house key, social-security number and….. yadda, yadda, yadda. Reflecting on the life and times of one of my advertising heroes Billy Mays (peace be upon his name), I figured that I would just give a high-octane pitch that fizzles out very quickly, but still leaves you intrigued enough to wonder if the thing I’m selling is actually worth investing in . AHEM!….

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